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The Specific Performance

1 Maintenance In the most important 24 hours ripening process, after Big housekeeper concrete to deal with the sample piece water retention capacity increased by 49%
2 Rasistance to pressure weights Ld022 after 7 days, Compressive strength of the treated sample than untreated samples than untreated samples increase 40%, after 28 days, by processing the sample progressive increse 38%, Along with the time growth and increased in the future.
3 Increase the Hardness C20 concrete surface after the test surface Mohs hardness is 2.2. Order to Big housekeeper processing after Mohs hardness for 7.0-8.0
4 Dust free/prevent dust After Big housekeeper processing two hours leter. Concrete specimens does not produce dust permanent.
5 Improve the wear resistance Ld026 after 30 minutes Wear resistance 32.7%. After test; Wear - resisting degree of concrete surface is 2.6.
6 Impermeability A4.91 square inches in area after Big housekeeperprocessing. Tn order to 7 inches Faucet slipstream. the seepage rate 0.022 CC per hour.
7 Increase bonding force Ld036 with epoxy resin binding is 22%
8 Coefficient of friction LD012 After Big housekeeper handling specimens the friction coefficient respectively were, Dry surface 86, Wet the surface 69. the sample block untreated friction coefficient were 71 and 47.
9 Enhance weathering resistance(Effectively extend the service life of buildings) UV and spraying has no adverse effect on the treated sample. Can effectively prevent the chloride ion through, When testing the surface the processed surface. Won't because of exposed to electromagnetic in the mist while effected,
10 Enhance chemical resistance corrosion resistance After Big housekeeper deal with, greatly improve the chemical resistance of the concrete, effectively prevent: Internal corrosion of reba, alkaline weathering, highways and varous chloride on the sea, oily be soiled, gas, acidic solvent, bacteria and ultraviolet li
ght erosion, due to the temperature change as a result of stripping, Bulk shrinkage, spallation


Superior Performance

1 Anti freeze thaw damage Easier to clear the snow and ice on the surface of concrete and cement, at the same time to reduce ice or snow melt damage from the concrete and cement surface
2 Repair Properties Repair fine cracks in concrete and cement
3 The Ability to resist dirt Increase 68%
4 Effectively prevent(ASR) alkali aggregate reaction After the Nano lithium base seal curing agent treadment effectively prevent(ASR) alkali aggregate reaction
5 Getdampresistance, whiskering. produce fine lines Lithium base product without intumescent latex, effectively prevent produce fine lines and whiskering


ratting ratting ratting ratting ratting 2371/3

Sebuah hasil kerja untuk pengerjaan epoxy lantai yang sensasional. Selain memberikan kesan dekoratif yang indah, juga membuat lantai lebih kokoh, tidak mudah retak, lebih mudah dibersihkan, tahan lama, dan anti selip/tidak licin.